It's just common sense!

Girls shouldn't have to use the locker room with high school boys. Boys shouldn't have to change clothes in front of girls. We're here to protect the privacy, safety and dignity that comes from those statements of principle.

The Montana Locker Room Privacy Act does one simple thing: It requires schools and other government buildings to keep one locker room for women, one for men, and to keep each private from the opposite sex.

Some individuals identify as a different gender than their body would indicate. They may feel like "a woman trapped in a man's body," or vice versa. When that happens, some politicians in Washington D.C. have tried to require Montana schools to let those individuals shower in whatever locker room they feel like.

We believe there's a better solution. A compassionate accommodation like a single-stall changing facility for those who need it protects the privacy, safety, and dignity of the individual struggling with their gender identity and the privacy safety and dignity of the other students as well.

The Montana Locker Room Privacy Act is a law being proposed by citizen initiative. If the politicians can't protect our privacy, we'll do it ourselves. If enough Montanans sign the petition to get the Locker Room Privacy Act on the ballot, we'll be able to vote for this law in the 2018 general election.


Make your voice heard!

Write a letter to the editor supporting Locker Room Privacy for all Montanans!

Next Steps...

On this web site, you can sign the petition to get the Locker Room Privacy Act on the ballot, or you can volunteer to help gather more signatures and spread the word. Join us today, and help protect privacy, safety, and dignity for all Montana students.