All across our great state, Montanans want to know more about the Locker Room Privacy Act! Here are some answers to Frequently-Asked Questions:

Why do we need the Locker Room Privacy Act?

Beginning with Barack Obama while he was President, some have argued that if a man feels like he's a woman, he should be allowed to use the women's locker room. That treats women as if their privacy, safety, and dignity don't matter. Montana needs a locker room privacy act to protect both men and women from people of the opposite sex coming in while they're changing clothes.

Is the locker room privacy act a form of discrimination?

No. The act provides compassionate accommodations for people struggling with their gender identity. Single stall changing facilities and other options are encouraged in the law. That way a biological male who doesn't feel he belongs in the men's locker room can still have a place to feel safe.

Do the people of Montana support this?

By a margin of 2-1, Montanans support this idea. A scientific poll conducted among a random sample of Montanans, using both landlines and cell phones, showed that 62 percent of Montanans oppose requiring girls and boys to share locker rooms with people of the opposite biological sex.

Ready to take action?

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