The Montana Locker Room Privacy Act is being passed by citizen initiative. That means the voters of Montana will decide whether this becomes law — not politicians.

Before the Locker Room Privacy Act can appear on the 2018 general election ballot, we need to gather 26,000 signatures from all across Montana. We need you to sign!

Unfortunately, there are very strict legal requirements about how to sign petitions for citizen initiatives.

  • Only Montana registered voters can sign
  • each petition sheet must contain only voters from the same county
  • You have to not only sign the petition sheet, but, if you download and sign your own petition sheet from this web site, you also have to fill out the affidavit of a signature gatherer and get it notarized.
  • If you get your friends and family to also sign your petition sheet, only you have to sign the signature gathering affidavit. They don’t have to. So you can see, once you’re signing the sheet yourself, it pays to get your friends and family from the same county to sign as well.

It’s a complicated process, just to sign your name to a petition. But the results are worth the effort. Your signature will help protect privacy, safety and dignity for all Montana students.

Ready to sign?

Download the petition form here.

Download the Instructions for Signature Gatherers here.

Download the affidavit of signature gatherer here.